Life of Comfort

Fashion has not always meant comfort, and comfort has certainly not always meant fashion. As our lives become more hectic, we crave the combination of comfort and fashion to meet our needs. One of the best examples of fashion and comfort joining sides, the classic jean has not always been the staple of style it is today. Jeans actually have a long, fascinating history. Few other garments can claim to have been so important and so controversial. What started out as a garment of necessity, designed for durability and function, is now seen on every street, in most closets, and even at special events. Friend of the t-shirt, jeans satisfy our craving for comfort, and with a variety of colors, our need for fashion. Worn in just about any fashion style, and even a requirement in some, few clothing stores would dare not sell jeans.
Jeans were actually invented in Europe to meet the needs of sailors. It was important for sailors to have pants that were durable and versatile. Over the years, jeans were adopted by numerous other groups, from cowboys to factory workers. Jeans served purpose, not style to these blue collar workers. Because jeans can stand up to wear and tear, and are still functional when wet, they were the pants of choice when a dirty job had to be done. Jeans were not always valued, though. Until recent decades, jeans were not considered an acceptable form of attire for anyone outside of work. Women especially were shunned for wearing jeans. In the 1950's teens were said to have worn jeans as a form of protest, but it turns out they were trendsetters. By the following decade, jeans were popular fashion, and for good reason. Jeans offer us a versatile option for comfortable clothing.
As jeans grew in popularity, the styles evolved. From the side zippered women's jeans of the past, we now have front zippered jeans in a variety of colors to suit any outfit. Western wear, a style popularized by western films, requires jeans for any outfit to be complete. What was once considered unacceptable to wear in public, jeans are now even seen in semi-formal occasions. Paired with a shirt and jacket, men often sport jeans at important events. Women consider jeans a necessary part of their everyday wardrobe. Jeans and t-shirt is one of the most popular current fashions. Celebrities sport all sorts of jeans from ripped to skinny. Taking a look at the history of jeans, you can see why they were so valued as a symbol of hard work and ruggedness. Most of us take it for granted when we dress in a pair of jeans in the morning, what they went through to be in our closet. By wearing jeans, you are showing that you value craftsmanship, individuality, and fashion all at the same time. Jeans are a classic part of fashion that will endure trends and controversy, and wear with us through the most interesting times of our lives.