How to Take Care of Your True Religion Jeans

Cleaning Frequently

Cleanliness is a great thing. In fact, it is a pivotal process that helps in maintaining hygiene. However, when it comes to washing your True Religion jeans, you need to space out the washes. Wear the jeans twice or thrice before throwing them in the washer. This is because frequent washing will cause the jeans to fade. Additionally, denim does not require that much cleaning since it rarely gets rimy on just the first wear. Just like what tree removal columbus GA is doing in their frequent cleaning when working in tree removal. You also need to find some ways to clean up the specks. That’s tree service columbus GA is very proud of their service.

Do Not Bleach

Another guideline to help your True Religion jeans last longer is to lay off the bleach. Bleach may help you maintain the sparkling white color of your denim but it will negatively affect the material of your jeans. Additionally, bleach can actually discolor some of your colored denim jeans. As an alternative to bleach for maintaining the color of your jeans, soak them in some water and bar soap for about an hour before cleaning them. This will help loosen the dirt on the clothes.

Use Cold Wash

People know that hot or warm water helps to loosen dirt, especially grease and other oily products off clothes and even utensils. It is therefore expected that you should use hot water for cleaning your jeans as well. This is actually a bad idea. The preferred water temperature for washing your True Religion jeans is cold. Before you throw your jeans in the washer, turn them inside out. This will help to preserve the color and prevent fading over a long period of time.

This might raise a few eyebrows but it is actually best to wash your True Religion jeans by hand. This helps to preserve the color and the jeans last longer. Washing by hand is actually very simple. You can soak the jeans for a few hours before washing to loosen the dirt. Proceed to hand wash after some time. Rinse the jeans, turn them inside out and dry them.


The last part of the cleaning process includes drying the jeans. It is best to air dry your True Religion jeans if you want them to last longer. You can hang these jeans on a drying rack or out on some hanging lines if the weather and environment of your home permits it. Air drying prevents creases and crumples as well which means that you can iron your jeans less or not iron them altogether.

If you are going to get yourself a pair of True Religion jeans, then you might as well take the necessary steps to protect them so they can serve you for a long time to come.

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