Jeans for Short Men – Up to Date With Whats Hot!

Shorter men on the look-out for a nice pair of jeans are almost certain to find this article of interest. Provided here is some information on which jeans are likely to suit short men best. Finding the right jeans is not easy, because many fashion designers base their designs for men's jeans on a height template of about 5' 8" and more. In other words, if your height is less than 5' 8", you may well find it rather difficult to obtain jeans that fit you nicely.
These days, jeans are a fashion staple, as well as being good functional clothing suitable for a variety of activities. Typically, most men own several pairs at least, which they wear regularly. Taller men have a great range to choose from, because generally most clothes will suit them, and because, as has been mentioned already, most designs are tailored with men of their stature in mind. But jeans for short men are harder to track down, not least because such careful consideration has to be given to choosing styles that give others a more favorable impression of a shorter man's physique and stature.
Wearing a well-fitting pair of jeans for short men will tend to have a positive effect on a man's self-image, giving him the confidence to enjoy life, instead of worrying all the time about what others may think of him, and imagining that he is perceived as less attractive than taller men.
With regard to the different types of jeans available, there are pros and cons. Here are some observations on some of the different cuts and styles of jeans widely available today:
Low rise: This is a popular, trendy look, but far from suitable for short men. Low rise jeans have a very low waistline, whereas the appearance of shorter men is enhanced by jeans with a more natural level of waistline, around the navel.
Denim shorts: If you must wear shorts, you should stick to those that extend down only to a point somewhere higher than the knee. Also not recommended are baggy, loose-fitting shorts.
Straight cut: These are some of the better jeans for short men because their fairly narrow silhouette is flattering to the shorter man.
Tapered jeans: This style has a reasonably flattering effect on the shorter man, making his legs appear longer.
Boot cut jeans: These are similar to straight cut but flare out somewhat around the ankle. As such they are not too bad a choice, but are not quite as highly recommended as straight leg and slim fit styles.
Neutral-color jeans: Choose jeans of a neutral color, like black, gray or dark blue. Avoid garish colors and bizarre patterned effects. When wearing a shirt, bear in mind if you are short that tucking it in to the waist of your jeans presents a better, more clean-cut look.