Lose Fat and Get Sexy Without the Gym

Ladies lets be honest. How many of us are not satisfied when ever we look in the mirror? Many of us feel insecure at times but the truth is we can always change. It's so easy and simple to lost fat. Forget paying for over priced diet programs. I'm about to share with you the exact steps I took to lose 15 pounds of fat in less than 3 months. Before I start I must emphasis that your goals have to be consistent. You can't eat great for a month then start eating junk food again. You can have cheat meals and eat that shortcake once a week but only one time during that week.
You will not be on a diet. This is your attractive lifestyle. You're an empowered woman who knows that all her decisions affect her future, especially those having to do with her body. Reduce drinking soda, eating white bread, and going out to dine at fast food places. After reducing these types of food eliminate it. I remember just cutting out these foods and habits and in the first week I lost 5 pounds of fat.
Try to now eat 5-6 small meals a day. Sounds tricky? No is not. Just split your 3 big meals into smaller ones. Take salad and yogurt to work instead of buying candy bars from the machine. Fill your meals with veggies which include spinach, carrots, cucumbers, and even whole potatoes. You should also be eating lean meat which is skinless chicken, turkey. You can still have beef just make sure most of the fat has been taken out of it. Start by also eating a multi-vitamin every morning as well as taking a good source of fat with most of your meals. This means either flax seed oil or fat oil. This is the good fat that your body needs and will help you burn off the fat around your body.
While you following this new lifestyle of yours. Just imagine! Close your eyes for five seconds and see your hot self. Think of those skinny jeans you will be wearing and how well it will fit on your new slim physique! Get hyped because everyday you will be closer! Just know that when you've reached you goal in few short weeks you can get those are Victoria Beckham jeans. Start dreaming and being consistent because you will soon be there!